Sunday, December 30, 2012

The 306 Greatest Books #114 - Selected Stories by Anton Chekhov

The next book up on the reading of the 305 Greatest books is Selected Stories by Anton Chekhov. This book can be found on the Norwegian List and partially on Zane's Top 10 List.

 There are two sets of Chekhov stories on these lists. Zane's Top 10 list includes all of his stories (~200) while this one, only has 24 stories. You can find my reviews of the individual stories HERE along with all of the possible translations of the titles (since there are a few known with multiple titles). In general the stories are ok. Many of the early ones feel like Poe without the twist, in other words rather boring. But his later stories did have the ability to make me feel for the characters even if the story was only 2 pages long. The stories ranged in length from 2 to 35 pages long with most of them being under 10 pages. Should you go out and get this? I don't think it is necessary. His writing is good, but overall, I didn't feel anything great reading the stories. Perhaps I am just not a short story advocate.

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