Friday, January 1, 2010

Personal Goals 2010 - First Post

So over the last few weeks I have been thinking about some goals that I wanted to do for 2010. The first few are going to be to finish off the goals from last year since they did not get finished, but I also have some more in mind. So here they are along with my current status:

1. Finish first draft of my novel - First 1/3rd first draft done
2. Drop weight to 167 - Current at 175
3. Balance our budget
a. Pay credit card - Only one card left
4. Read a total of 100 of the greatest books on my lists - Current count 86
5. Finish 2 more movies on my Geological Movie Review
a. Also update the last two I did - One done to the level I want

So all in all, not too hard I think. Problems might come up when Gummy Bear comes in April though.

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