Monday, May 1, 2017

2017 Personal Goals - Month 4 Update

4 Months in.

1. Finish 1st Draft of my Novel 
Start - Again on the list.

2. Drop weight to 167 
Start - This has also been on the list since the beginning. Starting at 191.1
Month 1 - 191.1
Month 3 - 190.0
Month 4 - 189.6

3. Read 1 of the Top Ten Books on Zane's List 
Start - In the middle of The Stories of Anton Chekhov.
Month 4 - Finished book 1 of 2 of the complete stories.

4. Read last 5 books on the Sybervision Book List
Start - Current count is at 95.
Month 1 - Read The Last of the Mohicans. 4 to go.
Month 2 - Read The Red and the Black. 3 to go.
Month 3 - Read Idylls of the King. 2 to go.

5. Read a total of 12 books on my book list. (need to get to 200 books by my 40th birthday) 
Start - Currently my total count is at 142.
Month 1 - Read The Last of the Mohicans. 11 to go.
Month 2 - Read The Red and the Black. 10 to go.
Month 3 - Read Idylls of the King. 9 to go.

6. Finish 2 more Geological Movie Reviews 
Start - Earthquake still looks like the best bet.

7. Watch 10 of the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time 
Start - Current count is at 77.

8. Finish 50 things on the Blog/Website, with 30 specifically on my To Do list.
Start - My To Do list currently has ~160 things on it.
Month 1 - 6 items done. 44 to go.
Month 2 - 8 items done. 42 to go.
Month 3 - 18 items done. 32 to go.
Month 4 - 19 items done. 31 to go.

9. Finish 8 things on the House Things to do List 
Start - The list currently has 29 things on it.
Month 1 - In the middle of finishing the windows.
Month 2 - 1 item done, window sill installation. 7 to go.

10. Finish skinning the top of the hovercraft 
Start - Hopefully I can make some time to get to it this year.

11. Get my 5K time under 25 minutes 
Start - My current best is 28:32

12. Collect and photograph all of the Star Wars Comics 
Start - It is time to finish this up. A lot more work involved here than I anticipated.

13. Submit 2 papers for publication
Start - Time to focus on my publications this year.
Month 2 - Been working steadily on getting my Master's Thesis publishable.
Month 3 - Spent most of the month working on the Master's Thesis.
Month 4 - Continued to work on Master's Thesis

14. Get caught up on my to read pile (which is mainly Star Wars but some other stuff as well)
Start -  I read many of the books I was behind on last year. Time to get fully caught up on my to read pile.
Month 1 - Working my way through the pile steadily.
Month 2 - Slowly working through it.

15. Watch and re-review Two entire lists of one of the 10 Top Ten Movies
Start - Working my way through the Top 10 Sci-Fi movies now.
Month 2 - Rereviewed Star Wars and watched and reviewed Harvey. One of the Sci-Fi list and one on the Fantasy list.

16. Collect, photograph, and organize my Star Wars novel collection
Start - I have it mostly set with paperbacks but I would like to get the collection organized and get the first release hardcovers.

----------------------------------------Items of Note---------------------------------------------------

I spent a good chunk of time writing for my new gig at AiPT! and I also went to Star Wars Celebration and Disney World. I plan on getting back on track this month with a writing goal to write one complete something (post, blog article, etc,) every day.