Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My conversation with Enterprise Rent-a-Car

So I rented a car at Enterprise today. Not really as amazing story but I thought this conversation was "interesting".

I noticed that the front tires on the car were low and my wife agreed with me. So after she dropped me off I went inside to building, since I was going to be driving a long way I figured it was best to fill them up. I asked the guy, who was not the guy who initially helped me, if they had a tire pump. Here is my conversation:

Me: Do you guys have a tire pump? The tires on the car are low.

Enterprise Man: Your car or ours?

Me: Yours.

EM: What's wrong?

Me: The tires are low and I have a long drive and I wanted to fill them up.

He seemed to not believe me by EM and I walked outside and I pointed out the tires. He then tells me to pull into their little service station where he measures the PSI of the tires.

EM: It is at 30.

My intial thought is, "yup, that's really low." He then goes to turn the pump on. I take off the cap to the other tire and try to fill up the tire not realizing the pump needs to warm up. So I wait. He then goes into the car to look at something then comes back out. I look at the tire to see what to fill the tire up to.

EM: It should be filled to 32.

Me: 44

EM: 32

Me: 44

EM: Inside the car says 32:

Me: The TIRE says 44 right there (pointint to it). I have rarely seen a normal tire ever be filled up to only 32.

EM: Oh, we normally take it to Firestone to work on the tires. They must have changed them and not updated the inside of the car.

Really dude? You don't know how to fill up the tires on cars and you work with CARS!!! This just amazes me.


Anonymous said...

Just an fyi....even though the tire will say what psi is good. Car manufacturers put a little sticker on the inside of the driver front door opening with the psi THEY call for. I work on cars and we always put in what the manufactor calls for. If not, an annoying tire light comes on in most new cars. Most psi's are set for 30-32 for midsize cars.

Jim Lehane said...

Thanks for the info. These tires were clearly low though. Much lower than they should have been, even if 32 was their recommended psi. That was my main problem.