Tuesday, September 11, 2012

100 Greatest Movies #74 - The Gold Rush

The next movie up is The Gold Rush which is #74 on the 100 Greatest Movies list and #58 on the 10th Anniversary Movie List.

This was my first silent movie and it actually wasn't that bad. I had these preconceived notions about silent movies, that they were often campy and not very well put together. And even though the movie was very choppy due to the editing it actually was pretty enjoyable. Would I put this on the list were it made today? Oh hell no. This is by far not the best movie ever made, but I can see where this was groundbreaking at the time. Would I watch this again? Not likely, but I am glad that I did watch it once. The movie is Charlie Chaplin acting like stereotypical Charlie Chaplin (which may only be stereotypical in hindsight) and trying to find gold in Alaska during the gold rush. Although most of the movie had nothing to do with the gold rush and more about Chaplin stumbling around from one misadventure to another. Overall, it was fun but it felt like several episodes of a slow TV show instead of a well edited movie.

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