Wednesday, July 25, 2012

100 Greatest Movies - #12. Sunset Boulevard (1950)

This time we are looking at Sunset Boulevard (1950) on the 100 Greatest Movies List (#12), it is also #16 on the 10th Anniversary List.

     Often while watching these old movies you often feel like they are old movies. Movies made for their time but not really timeless. Sunset Boulevard breaks that pattern. This movie feels as if it could have been made today. The performances are superb, especially the lead, Gloria Swanson, who plays Norma Desmond, a washed up actress of the silent screen era. She is a bit off her rocker, but you don't realize by how much until the end of the movie. She plays the role perfectly. The best role though I think goes to the butler, Max. He plays this sympathetic, stone-faced character throughout, but it is not until almost the end that you find out how sympathetic he really was. Riveting throughout and a joy to watch, a must recommend.

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