Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hovercraft Update

Back to business. My goal this summer (2011) is to finish the bottom so I can flip it back over and work on the inside. Well to do that I had to finish fixing the holes that kept occurring every time I sanded down the edges of the lift duct and to smooth out the remaining edges. I also fixed the two holes I had to cut out for the wheel wells from the trailer. I finished all that, got it all smooth, and filled in all the holes. Then I purchased some sealant for the bottom. Since it is all plywood, I figured it probably needs some. That is why it looks much more glossy now than it did before. I also painted the sealant over the paint job that I did before (the red) on the sides since they most likely needed it as well. The next step is to put some bottom guard boat paint to help seal against mold and rot.

You can check out the process from start to finish over at my website.

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