Friday, July 23, 2010

My tattoo is...Star Wars?

So, ever since I got my first tattoo in 2003, there were three main tattoo's I wanted to get. The first was the one I got then, which is a Gaelic knot for completeness. The second one I got today. It is a Star Wars tattoo but little known one that most "non-nerds" wouldn't get. Which is the way I wanted it. The original image is termed a Mandalorian Death Head, coined by Jeremy Bullock who is the person who played Boba Fett in the Original Trilogy. On the picture below you can it on Boba Fett's sleeve (from the trailer for The Force Unleashed 2).

I then took a copy of that image from and traced it so it was a pure image.

After that I wanted it to be unique so I thought flames coming out of the eyes would be cool.

I then took this to the tattoo place (Doc Holliday's in SLC). When I gave it to him I told him that I wanted this but with cool looking flames and he said "Oh, I can play around with this?." "Um, sure" I responded. I figured he knows best. So I get there on tattoo day and he has a few skulls drawn up and I decided on the one that looks mostly like the originally just more skull like and larger flames. We just weren't sure of the colors and he asked if he could play a little. So I let him do his thing and I think it turned out awesome. He actually also gave me a discount because I got interrupted a few times as well. I recommend anyone to go here if the are in the SLC area.


ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

Cool! I know someone with just the skull.

Dan said...

Cool stuff. I guess you like Star Wars. A little. There are new movies coming out? I'm so out of the hollywood buzz loop.

Jazinator said...

No new movies coming out. Where did you get that idea. The picture on the top is from a video game.

Dan said...

Ohhhhh, video game trailer..I get it.