Friday, July 2, 2010

Does this mean I'm a real dad now?

So my wife told me my adventures yesterday constituted a real dad story so I figured I would convey them here.

Well Annabelle had gotten her two month shots and was a bit cranky and she wasn't sleeping all that well. But Veronica was at work and we needed to hit the store. So I fed her, waited for her to fall asleep, then off we went. Well if you remember a previous post my AC was not working. I had since gotten it to work on the 1 or 2 fan speed. So we headed out and had the AC on fan speed 2 as we were driving into the city. Well about half way (15 minutes in) the AC died again. Also the sun was in her face no matter what direction the road turned, which caused me to roll down the windows to get a breeze. But it was 98 degrees out so not much good that did. And I was afraid of her over heating so I would constantly look and feel back at her but since the sun was in her face I had to put up the sun shade which meant I couldn't see her either when I turned around or when I looked in her mirror. This meant I was driving down the highway constantly moving her sunshade to look and make sure she was alright and not overheating. I would occasionally move her hand to make sure I got a reaction out of her as well.

We finally arrived at Target, our destination. Which I didn't want to leave. And being so frazzled when we entered, I packed her into her stroller instead of a shopping car. So I'm the only one pushing a stroller around the store, piling things up on the front of the stroller. I also didn't want to get back in the car and drive back since it was so hot. But I figured the best way to help her. I would buy a container of Ben and Jerry's, wrap it in a blanket, and rest it on her. Well, after we left the store, this is what I did. Luckily it had cooled down to a chilly 96 degrees and the sun was no longer in her face at every turn.

She slept all through this, even me constantly checking to make sure she was still ok and not having heat stroke. Until just when we get home she wakes up and starts crying for some food, either that or pissed because her leg was cold due to the ice cream.


ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

LMAO. That is awesome. Thank you for sharing. Good tips!!

Jazinator said...

Glad you enjoyed my pain and heartache