Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gummy Bear's Room

So the Gummy Bear's Room is done for the most part. Thanks to spring break for giving me the time to finish it. Next up on the to do list is finish the patio. Almost done with that as well. So things that were done on the room:

1. History - Well when we moved in there was paneling on the wall so Veronica ripped it out right away. I then had to re-plaster the walls since there were large tears through the dry wall. We then painted it (twice) and made it into the guest bedroom. We never put in any baseboards because we were gonna change the carpet. So when we painted we never laid anything down and the carpet ended up being really gross.

2. Next step: we moved all the furniture out of the guest room. Side table is in the hall, guest bed got moved to my office, and the dresser still needs to be redone for the Gummy Bear's room but it will probably be placed in the closet to be out of the way.

3. We then painted the Gummy Bear's room. We picked a Classic Winnie the Pooh theme and since we don't know the sex of the baby went with yellow and green paint. Veronica wanted to do a horizontal divide between the colors so we ended up deciding a chair rail will go through the middle of the room. Initially the room had 3 walls the same color then the window wall was a darker color.

4. We then ripped up the old carpet in the Gummy Bear's room, the hallway, and the master bedroom. We also took out the baseboards since they were rather ugly to begin with. We also removed the mirrored closet in the master bedroom in the process.

5. Afterwards a new carpet got placed. you can kind of see it in the picture below.

6. The next step was to place in the baseboards. We chose an oak stain for the furniture, the baseboards, and the chair rail. You can see both in the picture above. After that I had to touch up the pain around the chair rail since I had to sand the wall smooth to put it in. Also the ceiling had some of the old paint on it (good taping job this time, not so much the last time). And the wood filler needed to be stained that was put in to fill the gaps in the corners of the room.

7. After that all that needed to be done was hang some stuff on the wall, get curtains, and put together the furniture. My mother bought us most of the furniture and it looks great (Thanks mom :-)) except for the rocking chair which a gift from Veronica's mother and grandmother (Thanks In-Laws :-))

8. We also decided to do something different with the closet door. It basically was a piece of crap so we wanted to paint it but we weren't sure what. Veronica then came up with the idea to paint it with chalk-board paint, which apparently can be tinted to different colors. So that is what we did, got a purplish paint that matches pretty well. We also replaced the closet doors in our room in the process, changing the mirror doors to a nice white panel doors.

9. One of the last things to arrived was the light switch cover on Tuesday, this then let me put up the rest of the chair rail and the room was basically done after that.

10. Some things left to do: Strip and stain the book shelf and the dresser for the room, and that's about it. This will help to organize the closet a little more than we have it right now.


Maribeth said...

Beautiful! Lucky Gummy Bear!



ReBecca Hunt-Foster said...

It looks good. I like the door idea, I might have to steal that. ;)