Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bad Mood

For some reason I have been in a bad mood lately and I don't know why. Many things seem to be going wrong but it should not be enough to facilitate a full on bad mood. I don't seem to have any time to do anything I want to do. I just got screwed by an ebay seller and I really have zero desire to spend for shipping to send it back (the listing was that far off of the actual item). I got screwed with loans (as mentioned previously but I am going in today to fight for them). My cubicle with it's awesome view is being confiscated for a new employee and I am being relegated to the "temp" employee cubicle. While fixing the sprinkler system I put a shovel through a pipe in another part of the system. And other stuff of the such. But still I feel like I am much more disgruntled than I should be so this post is an attempt to air my problems and hopefully that will help them go away.

On a lighter note, it seems all of my investments seem to have gone up this last quarter, which is fantastic. And I finally caught up on much of my paperwork that I have been meaning to do (like convert all of my investment accounts to joint accounts with my wife, hey it only took 3 years.)

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