Friday, May 15, 2009

Bar Done!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!

Yes it has been several months since I started working on the bar. You can see the first part of the bar done HERE. The second and last part is pictured below. The main problem I ran into is I miss-stained the bar the wrong color, a far darker color, so it took me over a month to unstain it. That was a pain. Also I had to figure out a way to saw 5" logs in half. Also not a fun thing since I only had my little circular saw. But it is all done and ready for use. YEA!!!!.

View of the front of the bar with the bar top down.

View of the front of the bar with the bar top open.

Side of the bar showing the three pillars.

Back of the bar with a closeup of the checkerboard bar top.

Everything done and in place with the bar of the bar all set up.


Kerry said...

It only took you 7 months. Nice.;)

PhizzleDizzle said...

that's lovely!! :)