Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My conversation with Enterprise Rent-a-Car

So I rented a car at Enterprise today. Not really as amazing story but I thought this conversation was "interesting".

I noticed that the front tires on the car were low and my wife agreed with me. So after she dropped me off I went inside to building, since I was going to be driving a long way I figured it was best to fill them up. I asked the guy, who was not the guy who initially helped me, if they had a tire pump. Here is my conversation:

Me: Do you guys have a tire pump? The tires on the car are low.

Enterprise Man: Your car or ours?

Me: Yours.

EM: What's wrong?

Me: The tires are low and I have a long drive and I wanted to fill them up.

He seemed to not believe me by EM and I walked outside and I pointed out the tires. He then tells me to pull into their little service station where he measures the PSI of the tires.

EM: It is at 30.

My intial thought is, "yup, that's really low." He then goes to turn the pump on. I take off the cap to the other tire and try to fill up the tire not realizing the pump needs to warm up. So I wait. He then goes into the car to look at something then comes back out. I look at the tire to see what to fill the tire up to.

EM: It should be filled to 32.

Me: 44

EM: 32

Me: 44

EM: Inside the car says 32:

Me: The TIRE says 44 right there (pointint to it). I have rarely seen a normal tire ever be filled up to only 32.

EM: Oh, we normally take it to Firestone to work on the tires. They must have changed them and not updated the inside of the car.

Really dude? You don't know how to fill up the tires on cars and you work with CARS!!! This just amazes me.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

100 Greatest Movies #74 - The Gold Rush

The next movie up is The Gold Rush which is #74 on the 100 Greatest Movies list and #58 on the 10th Anniversary Movie List.

This was my first silent movie and it actually wasn't that bad. I had these preconceived notions about silent movies, that they were often campy and not very well put together. And even though the movie was very choppy due to the editing it actually was pretty enjoyable. Would I put this on the list were it made today? Oh hell no. This is by far not the best movie ever made, but I can see where this was groundbreaking at the time. Would I watch this again? Not likely, but I am glad that I did watch it once. The movie is Charlie Chaplin acting like stereotypical Charlie Chaplin (which may only be stereotypical in hindsight) and trying to find gold in Alaska during the gold rush. Although most of the movie had nothing to do with the gold rush and more about Chaplin stumbling around from one misadventure to another. Overall, it was fun but it felt like several episodes of a slow TV show instead of a well edited movie.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dinotopia and Indiana Jones Timelines

Well I am announcing a few new timeline on my website.

The first is one I am hosting for a friend of mine Luke Van Horn. It is the Indiana Jones and the Chronology of Chaos, a very extensive coverage of all the Indiana Jone's Expanded Universe.

The second one is a timeline that I am in the process of building up, Dinotopia: A Timeline Apart from Time. Currently I have all of the main illustrated novels by James Gurney on there and I will slowly add in other information as I can.

Friday, September 7, 2012

100 Greatest Comedies #29 - This is Spinal Tap

The next movie I watched This is Spinal Tap (1984) which is #29 on the 100 Greatest Comedies list.

This movie has a lot of phrases and scenes that have become pop culture icons including the "goes to 11" scene which is likely it's most famous. The movie is set up as a mockumentary (maybe even one of the first ones) that follows the fictional band Spinal Tap. Spinal Tap seems like a mash up of the Beetles, the Rolling Stones, and several of the larger bands of the day taken to the extreme. Everything they did was as far out there as they could think of but still be "possible" in the real world. Although some of the movies on the 100 Greatest Comedies list were slightly humorous, many didn't make me laugh out loud. This movie was different. Through most of the movie I couldn't stop laughing even though there were several parts I felt I was missing the joke. Perhaps some of it didn't age as well as others but in general this is still a fantastic movie.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The 306 Greatest Books #112 - Girls in Love

The next up on my reading of the 306 greatest books is Girls in Love by Jacqueline Wilson. This book can be found on the BBC Book List.

This is the third of the Jacqueline Wilson books that I have read on this list with only one left to go. After the first one which I recommended (The Story of Tracy Beaker) and a little bit of the same in the second book (Double Act) I am getting the feeling that all of Wilson's book follow the same formula. The book is about a thirteen year old (or so) girl who doesn't feel good about her self and has better looking friends who are all hooking up with boys but she can't. Therefore she must spend most of the story trying to find a boyfriend while not realizing the guy she already met isn't that bad. It's cutesy but that's about it. All of Wilson's stories seem to be about a girl with a problem (orphanage, ugly, dead parent, etc.) and places the reader in those situations while not always solving anything by the end of the book. Wilson's stories have become tired by the third time around and this book makes me loath having one more of her books to read.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

2012 Personal Goals - Month 8 Update

8 Months down. 2/3rds of the way there.

1. Finish first draft of my novel -
January 1st - 3rd year on the list. Lets see if I can do it this year. Starting point - 1st section first draft is done.
Months 1-8 Update - Nothing new

2. Drop weight to 167
January 1st - Again 3rd year on the list. I think I will have a little more time this year to get it done. Starting point - 182.1.
Month 1 Update - 181.7
Month 2 Update - 179.0
Month 3 Update - 178.3
Month 4 Update - 175.3
Month 5 Update - 173.6
Month 6 Update - 172.1
Month 7 Update - 169.5 (Almost there!!)
Month 8 Update - 169.9

3 Read 2 of the Top Ten books on Zanes book list
January 1st - 3 books are left on the list. I am currently in the middle of War and Peace and hope to finish it by March.
Month 1 Update - Finished Book 3 of 4 in War and Peace.
Month 2 Update - Finished War and Peace. 1 book to go.
Months 3-8 Update - Nothing new

4. Read 7 books on the Sybervision Book List for a total of 75
January 1st - To get to a nice round number of 75 I want to finish 7 more books.
Month 1 Update - Reading War and Peace
Month 2 Update - Finished War and Peace. 6 books to go.
Month 3 Update - Nothing new
Month 4 Update - Read Camille and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. 4 books to go.
Month 5 Update - Read How We Think. 3 books to go.
Month 6 Update - Read Carmen. 2 books to go.
Month 7 Update - Read Turn of the Screw. 1 Book to go.
Month 8 Update - Nothing new.

5. Read 7 books on the BBC Book List for a total of 45
January 1st - These are generally easier books to read, especially with Annabelle.
Month 1 Update - Reading Anne of Green Gables and War and Peace
Month 2 Update - Finished War and Peace. 6 books to go.
Month 3 Update - Finished Anne of Green Gables. 5 books to go.
Month 4 Update - Nothing new
Month 5 Update - Read The Faraway Tree. 4 books to go.
Month 6 Update - Read The Story of Tracy Beaker. 3 books to go.
Month 7 Update - Read Double Act. 2 Books to go.
Month 8 Update - Nothing new.

6. Update 2 Geologic Movie Reviews
January 1st - I have 1 update I need to do one one movie and a complete overhaul of the other.
Months 1-7 Update - Nothing new
Month 8 Update - Finished the corrections to Dante's Peak. 1 to go.

7. Finish 1 more movie on my Geological Movie Review
January 1st - Look to do 1 more movie, most likely Earthquake!.
Months 1-8 Update - Nothing new

8. Watch 15 of the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time (according to AFI)
January 1st - Current count 70 so 15 more will get me 1/2 way to the goal.
Month 1 Update - Watched High Noon. 14 more to go.
Month 2 Update - Watched Double Indemnity. 13 more to go.
Months 3-6 Update - Nothing new
Month 7 Update - Watched Sunset Boulevard. 12 more to go.
Month 8 Update - Nothing new.

10. Skin the top of the Hovercraft
January 1st - I finished working on the bottom last year so lets see if I can get the top done this year. And with my new garage heater I will be able to work during the colder months.
Months 1-8 Update - Nothing new

11. Catalogue, photograph, and organize Star Wars collection by CVI
January 1st - With Star Wars Celebration VI coming up in August I want to catalogue and photograph my collection to get ready to know anything I need to buy when I go.
Month 1 Update - Caught up on the pile of recent stuff but nothing else.
Months 2-7 Update - Nothing new
Month 8 Update - Went to CVI but didn't get this finished in time, will have to get this done by the end of the year.

12. Do 1 major job each month on the "Things to Do for the House" list
January 1st - With an updated list we have 20 things that we want to do to get the house in tip-top shape.
Month 1 Update - Started working on some things but nothing finished
Month 2 Update - Finished putting boards in the attic and moving stuff up there. 1 task done, 11 to go.
Month 3 Update - I was going to replace the side door but it turned out to be a lot more work than I anticipated so I only have it about 2/3rds done. 11 still to go.
Month 4 Update - Finished installing the new side door. 10 to go.
Month 5 Update - Extended the sprinkle head. 9 to go.
Month 6 Update - Several projects are in process but one project took a lot more work than was anticipated. Still 9 to go.
Months 7-8 Update - Nothing more completed

Other items of note:
I wanted to finish a but of things by the end of summer and I did most of them including writing the first draft of 2 more chapters and writing the first draft of the first part of my Master's Thesis for publication. I also completed revamping my website, so now I am just working on adding new content. And I went to my first Star Wars Celebration which was fantastic if not a little stressful due to a toddler in tow.

9. (DONE) Do 1 Geological Fact for each month.
January 1st - This went over well last year so let's do it again.
Month 1 Update - I wanted to finish these early and release them as the months went by. I have 9 done so far. 3 left to go.
Month 2 Update - Finished the last 3. So this task is DONE!