Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The 306 Greatest Books #110 - Double Act

The next book up on my reading through the 305 Greatest Books is Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson. You can find this book on the BBC book list.

This is another book by the person who brought us The Story of Tracy Beaker, which I recommended. I thought that story was different enough to be considered by people to read. This book has a similar vein in that it is a story told in the first person, but this time by a set of twins. They go back and forth as to who is writing the story talking about their day to day lives during some major changes as their father quits his job and moves to the country with a girlfriend, bringing them along. I enjoyed reading the story but I felt that nothing really changed by the end of the book. I felt the same at the beginning as I felt at the end. Kind of blah. Sure things happened and the book was different at the end, but not a really satisfying finish. It felt like an episode of a sitcom. An ok read but not a "great" story as some on the list so I can't recommend anyone pick this up.

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