Sunday, June 17, 2012

The 306 Greatest Books #108 - The Story of Tracy Beaker

Seeing as how I confuse people by remaining to call this the 100 Greatest Books list, I have renamed it the 306 Greatest Books. It is still the same thing (4 lists of the 100 greatest books and 1 top 10 list) but the title will illustrate that I am reading a total of 306 books for the series. The next book on the list is The Story of Tracy Beaker by Jacqueline Wilson. You can find this book on the BBC and My Book Lists.

Following the trend of reading the children's books on the list with Annabelle we have the first of the Jacqueline Wilson books on the list (of which there are 4). This book is about a girl who lives in an orphanage waiting for a family to foster her. It is told in the first person as a journal that Tracy (the main character) is writing. Actually, I found this book to be very very good in the context of a children's book. It shows that children in orphanages are not all broken and that it hardens children to  the reality in which they live. They are often rude, aggressive, and troubled not because they are bad children but because the situations make them that way and even with those problems they are still good kids. This book is an alternative take on what you would expect from the given situation and not one you would expect. Her mother abandoned her after the mother's boyfriend beat Tracy, hence the reason she is in the orphanage. She was fostered by 2 homes, beaten by one and the other had their own baby, so she had to leave. Based on this premise you would expect something different than what is presented in the story, but you don't. You get a heartfelt story about a girl who misses her mom and understands that sometimes life sucks. But you take what you can out of it. A definite recommend for the children's books.

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