Wednesday, May 16, 2012

100 Greatest Books #106 - How We Think

The next book on my reading list is How We Think by John Dewey. You can find this book on the Sybervision Book List.

This falls under the "Philosophy" section of the Sybervision book list. This section I have usually been a bit harsher on these, along with the "Science and Civilization" books, because I am reading them for an enjoyment factor and that is how I am going to rate them. A lot of the books in these sections read as if they are textbooks. Not this one though. This reads as if it were a journal article. The difference being that a textbook contains very little useless information. It is created to be as concise as possible. On the other hand journal articles usually are padded with "non-essential" information, i.e. background information and other ancillary stuff. That is how this book read. It was a discussion of, coincidentally enough, how we think. The author went into various ways we think and then into different scientific explanations. Overall I felt this was a rehash of what was blatantly obvious, but the "article" did make me think (shocker). It brought up points that I enjoyed and have not actually thought about before but overall I felt it was long and drawn-out and shouldn't have been added to the list. A definite not-recommend.

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