Monday, May 16, 2011

La Caille Restaurant

I took these pictures on my wife's and I anniversary dinner back in February when we went to La Caille restaurant, which is often regarded as the most expensive restaurant in Salt Lake City. And going there again for a Mother's Day Sunday Brunch reminded me that I had them so I figured I would post them.

Sorry for the blurriness, I took them with my phone. But I think that it is great that they played off of their expensiveness with the first one. It may be difficult to read but all the menu items had a price spelled out (i.e. Fifty-Two Dollars instead of $52). So when we came across this one we weren't sure if they were serious or not (it states Financing Available). They were rather humorous about it though and the waitress confirmed that it was indeed a joke. Plus for our anniversary they gave us this firecracker candle with our desert, which really made it special.

So, all in all, I think the food was really good and the ambiance was fantastic but the price a little high for dinner (it was roughly $200 before tip). But Sunday brunch was less than half the cost of dinner, I think tasted even better, and you had the same ambiance. So I say if you going to check it out, go during Sunday brunch. You definitely won't regret it.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Personal Goals - April Update

Four months in (a little late):

1. Finish first draft of my novel -
January 1st - 1st third is done. The plan this year is to write it and read it to Annabelle and edit it as I go.
February 1st - Nothing new done
March 1st - Nothing new
April 1st - Nothing new
May 1st - Nothing new

2. Drop weight to 167
January 1st - 176.4. Starting off worse this year than last but I should have some more time to work out.
February 1st - 174.6
March 1st - 177.6 Damn stress
April 1st - 176.0
May 1st - 179.2

3. Balance our budget
January 1st - Things are looking up for this year with Veronica getting a new job (hopefully) after residency is complete.
February 1st - Working on it but large expenses due to medical stuff not helping.
March 1st - Getting worse but tax refund should put us back to where we were at the beginning of the year.
April 1st - Tax refund helped up get slowly back on track
May 1st - Eh

4b. Read 2 of the Top Ten books on Zanes book list
January 1st - I currently have 6 read. I figured I should be able to finish 2 of the 4 since 2 of them are very very long.
February 1st - The book I'm currently reading, Lolita, is on the list.
March 1st - Finished Lolita. One to go.
April 1st - Still one to go.
May 1st - Still 1 to go

5a. Finish 2 more movies on my Geological Movie Review
January 1st - Look to start 2 new movies again
February 1st - Nothing new.
March 1st - Nothing new.
April 1st - Nothing new
May 1st - Nothing new

5b. Update the 1 Geologic Movie Review that was previously done and not updated
January 1st - 2 out of 3 up to par
February 1st - Nothing new
March 1st - Nothing new
April 1st - Nothing new
May 1st - Nothing new

6. Watch all of the 100 Greatest Movies of All Time (according to AFI)
January 1st - Current count 69. 31 left to go.
February 1st - Nothing new
March 1st - Nothing new
April 1st - Nothing new
May 1st - Nothing new

7. Finish bottom of hovercraft.
January 1st - I just need to finish epoxying and smoothing out the bottom then paint it. Not too much work but time is an issue.
February 1st - Haven't had time to work on it
March 1st - Nothing new
April 1st - Nothing new
May 1st - Did some work patching the holes that need to be filled and order some more epoxy.

8. Do 1 Geological Fact for each month.
January 1st - That is a total of 12 for the year. Hopefully I can get them set up ahead of time.
February 1st - 1 done for January, 11 to go.
March 1st - 1 done for February, 10 to go.
April 1st - 1 done for March, 9 to go.
May 1st - 1 done for April, 8 to go

Other items of interest:
Finished up the semester. Nothing else really big happening. Just trying to tie some ends up from the semester before I can move on.

----------------------------------Finished Items---------------------------------------

4a. (DONE!) Read a total of 100 of the greatest books on my lists by my 30th birthday
January 1st - Current count 97. Only 3 to read by March 19th. This was the initial goal last year but I hoped to have them done earlier.
February 1st - Currently reading Lolita.
March 1st - Finished Lolita and The Colour of Magic. Only 1 to go before March 19th
April 1st - Finished The Colour of Magic. This task is completed!!!