Saturday, March 19, 2011

100 Greatest Books #100 - Black Beauty

The next book on my reading list is Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. You can find this book on the BBC Book List. This is the 100th overall book that I have read, but as I have mentioned before, since I am reading from four 100 Greatest Books Lists and one Top 10 Book List, there is a total of 306 books to read. So this segment will continue for a while. Also, I did want to finish 100 total books before I turned 30, and I did. I finished the book yesterday, while today is my 30th birthday :-).

I rather enjoyed this book. I thought it had an interesting perspective, which was looking at a horse's life through the eyes of the horse. It didn't have the ridiculous "animals talking" thing that a lot of books have, but I felt it was rather natural. The way a horse would act if you could get inside it's head. You saw his (Black Beauty's) life from the time of being a young colt through to his "retirement home" and all the things that went right and went wrong along the way. The author also showed other horses and people and how their lives changed and how that impacted Black Beauty's life. I also really liked how information was only gained by the reader through the horse, so the only way you knew how a conversation or event went was when they were in proximity of the horse so he could relay it to the reader. Very well done, but I feel it is a bit simplistic and better off as a children's book. Not really belonging on the 100 Greatest Books list, so I will leave it off of my Must Read List.

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