Thursday, December 23, 2010

100 Greatest Books #97 - Holes

The next book on my 100 Greatest Books List is Holes by Louis Sachar. You can find this book on the BBC and My Book Lists.

I had a preconceived notion about this book because I saw the movie a few years ago and rather enjoyed it. This made me feel like the book was likely to be rather enjoyable as well, and I was right. The movie followed the book rather closely, but it still had been long enough since I saw it that not everything was as obvious to me while I was reading through it. The story is well paced, often bouncing back and forth between the history of the book to the current time, always making it clear what time you were in. My favorite thing about the book is there wasn't one wasted part of the story. Anything mentioned in the historical context actually came back up in the present context, even when you wouldn't have thought of it. So, I would list this as one of my must reads because not only is it a fun story, I feel it was very well written and actually displays a very good moral lesson.   

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Portnoy Schneebly said...

I enjoyed this book, too.