Sunday, August 1, 2010

Updates and Changes to My Star Wars Page

So there have been some updates to my Star Wars site. The first most noticeable one is that I have rebranded the web page. It is no longer shown as a subset of my website. Now it is The Star Wars Expanded Universe Chronology Checklist Database powered by Hopefully I will have a new web address to go along with this sometime in the future.

I hope to create a complete database here for all things EU (Expanded Universe). But for right now we have a pretty good start. Any future input would be greatly appreciated.

Also I have added a new checklist. This time for Comic Packs since they are a type of EU collectible.

And I have expanded the My Star Wars collection area in anticipation of cataloguing my entire collection which will be a major undertaking in itself and will hopefully allow me to progress past the point at which I am stuck on in my new checklist that is currently under construction.

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