Monday, August 16, 2010

100 Greatest Books #94 - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

The next book on my 100 Greatest Books of All Time list is Alice's Adventures in Wonderlandby Lewis Carroll. You can find this book on the BBC, the Observer, and My Book lists.

In one word, bizarre. This is the first time I have read the book, but I have seen both the Disney version and the Tim Burton version and both of them made more sense than this book. As my friend put it, that must have been some good opium he was on when he wrote this. The story jumps around randomly and it goes from one situation seemingly into an entirely different situation with no rhyme or reason to why. But when you think about it, it makes sense. This is a story about a dream. But it is also a story as described by a child. So you have a dream where things have a habit of just happening in the words of a child who often will jump around and make up things that don't really make any sense, all woven into this magical land where nothing makes sense and things just happen. Although I was greatly dumbstruck at first, the story began to grow on me. Nothing really happened in the story by the end but aren't most dreams are like that. At one point, you just wake up. The book is very well written. It just flowed as I read it, with each sentence and each section flowing into the next. Although you knew the situations didn't fit together the narrative was never jarring between different point. The sentences weren't choppy and it made for a rather enjoyable read to see what would happen next. So I will place this on my to read list, mostly due to the fun that reading the book could instill on a child or an adult who wonders what it is like to think like a child.


Dan said...

I wanted to read that when the movie came out but never did. I haven't seen the movie, either, as a matter of fact. Guess I have stuff to do :)

Jazinator said...

I recommend it, but it is a little trippy