Friday, July 17, 2009

Good News!!!!

Ok, on the tail end of my last post, some bright lights have come on:

1. My loans have been reestablished. Apparently what had happened is when I filled out my paperwork I filled in how much the Geology department was going to give me in a TA. Then when I filled out my non-resident to resident form it seemed they cut my loans that I could get. What I didn't know was that the department sent in to the Financial Aid office at that same time what they were going to give me. Then the Financial Aid office had both what I put down and what the department said as two different things, hence cutting my "financial need" by a good chunk. Well after going in and talking with them they realized what had happened and all is good and fine in the world again.

2. The broken sprinkler pipe has been mended and is in good working order. I even replaced all the sprinklers yesterday that were associated with that pipe and everything is working fantastically.

3. My eBay experience actually turned out alright. The company that I bought the game from gave me a full refund and said to just keep the game. Which is great because then I don't have to pay for shipping back. It is pretty much unplayable but hey, no money lost on my part. I even bought a new one from a different seller. Hopefully this one will work better.

So out of everything that has gone wrong, most seems to be amended now. So far so good.

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PhizzleDizzle said...

so glad things are turning out all right!