Monday, May 25, 2009

Star Wars Updates

Since I have two blogs now, I am going to try and clean up the geology blog a little. So here is a combination of the last two Star Wars updates to my website. I am also going to delete out the old Star Wars posts on the other blog so they will only be available here from now on.

I have updated all three of my Star Wars checklists (as of 4-5-09) : the Star Wars Timeline, the Star Wars Video Game Checklist, and the Star Wars Digital Stories Checklist, and completed a new one, the Star Wars Comics Checklist (as of 4-24-09). You can find all three on the page in PDF format. I figured since this is the most downloaded thing on my website it might be good to update it again. Updates include:

For the Star Wars Timeline:

  • The entire first season of The Clone Wars including associated books and comics

  • I listed all of the Ewoks cartoon episodes and rearranged the order where they fall in the timeline as well as the Droids cartoon stuff

  • Added all of the video games onto the timeline, well some of them. Any I didn't know got placed at the end under "To be determined"

  • Added all of the Digital Stories from my Checklist below - most importantly all of the stories.

  • Recent books and comics were added

  • I added more to the first page explaining the timeline

  • I added an Infinites picture to stories that were obviously non-canon but can fit into the story in a specific place. If the story was only a little bit infinites I left it as is.

  • I added a version 3.0 since this the third year it has been on the website and my first release of the year. That way I can keep track of the changes a little better.
    Some other minor things that I can't remember.

For the Star Wars Video Game Checklist:

  • Added a timeline column to know if the story has been added to the timeline above.

  • Updated with recent and rumored games.

  • I listed which games were just compilations of previous games and what was included in those compilations

For the Star Wars Digital Stories Checklist:

  • Added a timeline column to know if the story has been added to the timeline above.

  • Added a few new sections including the Del Rey and Dark Horse sections for new material found online

  • Updated with new stories and old stories that just made their way to me.

For the Star Wars Comic Book Checklist:

  • Includes a checklist of all available Star Wars comics. I figured since I was trying to collect them all I should know what ones are out there. And since I made myself a checklist, I thought other people might want one too.

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